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Duty to inform (Austrian law ยง 5 Abs. 1 E-Commerce-Gesetz)

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Although the provided content has been carefully reviewed, its accuracy, integrity and validity cannot be guaranteed.

Hyperlinks and Content

1) Direct or indirect links (hyperlinks) to other Internet sites, which the editor is not responsible for, an adhesion obligation would only come into effect if the editor has knowledge of the "hyperlinked" content and he/she is technically capable to prevent its usage in case of illegal contents.

2) The editor states hereby explicitly that at the time of the link setting no illegal contents were recognizable on the "hyperlinked" Web sites. Yet to the lack of influence the editor can not guarantee the current or future contents and the authority of the linked sites to stay legal.
Therefore the editor dissociates himself/herself hereby expressly from all contents of all linked content, which was changed after the link setting. This statement is valid for all sets of hyperlinks within this Web site, notations and alien content, which refers to content published on this Web site by Internet users applying it via editable interfaces such as guest books, Internet forums, mailing lists etc.

3) For illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and in particular for damage, which originates from the use or disuse of such presented information, the editor of the "hyperlinked" site, has to be taken responsible for. The one referring to the malicious Web contents or site with a hyperlink can not be taken responsible, if he/she is not also the editor of the linked contents/site.

4) Links to this web site are always welcome, as long as they are listed as external links and provide the entire page (with navigations). Including any part of this web site into a frame, cross side scripting or content hijacking is strictly forbidden. No responsibility is taken for the content of linked web sites or any kind of harm caused by them or programs provided on them.

Usage Agreements

The usage agreements apply to all sent in forms and messages of electronic kind to holiday homes Leitner, Ellmau. All natural persons, who contributed directly or indirectly (e.g. by automated processes) to the sending or the contents of the message, are considered to be senders. If the sender is not of legal age his/her legal guardians are to be considered the senders/originators of the sent in contents.

1) The sender/originaor confirms to be responsible for the sent contents, that he/she is not using automated aids for duplication (spamming) and that he/she is not infringing any kind of copyright he/she is not the holder of.

2) The use of the provided forms, and/or addresses for advertisement of products or services, which do not stand in connection with the Ski and Snowboarding School TOP, is not permitted.

3) By sending in a form or an electronic message the sender/originator confirms that he/she is aware of all usage agreements and accepts that for data acquisition the IP (internet protocol) address of the originator's/sender's means of communication (computer, telephone etc.) is stored on a server in case of legal concerns to come. The editor guarantees to follow all data protection guidelines and to pass on the acquired data to third parties only if required by the law.